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Having an aesthetician work on your face for two hours in a salon or spa can be fun, relaxing and make your skin feel wonderful.  But to keep that result, you really have to be able to go regularly.  Why? Because the result is barely skin deep, so to speak.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get even better results with an at-home mask that not only leaves your skin glowing, but actually reduces fine lines and wrinkles, plus hydrates and renews your skin, repairing the damage done by sun, pollutants and stress?  How is this possible?

Ashieda’s Natural Facial Mask is a unique bio-cellular mask that addresses all the aspects of aging skin at one time. In one hour you can drop years from your face, plus gain the benefit of true repair and nourishment that will continue to improve your skin more and more each time you use it.

This Natural Facial Mask uses five different peptides to stimulate collagen’s regeneration for younger, tighter skin. (A peptide is a chemical compound containing two or more amino acids up to 50, coupled by a peptide bond. Above 50 amino acids, these compounds are called proteins.) The peptides found in Ashieda’s mask stimulate the production of collagen, pre-hyaluronan and elastin for skin flexibility and firmness

In order to address the damage done by sun, air pollution, poor diet and stress, our mask also has ingredients that inhibit production of certain enzymes that degrade collagen and elastin.  These ingredients also regulate oxygen and suppress perioxidation which causes cell damage.

Then we add a special blend of Aloe Vera that repairs existing damage and other natural ingredients that encourage the self-healing of damaged tissue. Additional ingredients contribute to the continued moisturizing and hydration of your skin.

Clinical tests showed a 67% improvement in the percentage of the skin surface occupied by deep wrinkles after six months use of our mask.  At Ashieda, we have seen amazing results after just one use of our Natural Facial Mask and hear all the time the rave results of our customers.

Want an even better result than at a salon or spa, with long-term healing for your skin?  Would you like to have firmer, glowing, healthy skin in one hour? Treat yourself to Ashieda’s Natural Facial Mask to experience the ultimate skin-renewal facial mask.

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